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Ray Rice Stats

Ray Rice had the determination of making his first participation in the Super Bowl a success. However, things were not easy for his team, the Baltimore Ravens, who, instead of having the great game Rice imagined, had one of the worst games they had on their championship history. It was a very odd night which happened at the Mercedes-Benz drome.

Despite the fact that the game was not good at all, Ray rice stats show that he is an amazing player. He ran for about 60 yards and also caught passes for 20 yards in Baltimore Ravens win against the San Francisco 49ers. The win was 34-31 and it happened last Sunday Night in the XLVII edition of the Super Bowl.

Ray Rice picked up three first downs during the first half of the game and the Baltimore Ravens had a very cheerful celebration which included champagne. There is no doubt that Ray Rice is excelling at his task with the Baltimore.
People hope that he catches the eye of the NFL analysts so he gets much more exposure and, therefore, continues to grow and becomes well-known in the football environment.